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R2CRivals.com GEICO2
R2CRivals.com Fridaynightfootball

Top Headlines

  • 5* WR Brad Brown commits to UAB
  • University of New Mexico upsets Air Force
  • Rice has Top 3 Recruiting Class
  • 3* OT Brad Doyle is excited to be a Tiger
  • 3* TE Robert Smith signed with Buffalo
  • Army hires ex Georgia State HC T. Fann

R2CRivals.com I?img=%2Fphoto%2F2018%2F0117%2Fr315630_1296x518_5%2D2
6'6, 267 pounder #10 DE Manuel Hall commits to Rice. Hall had other offers from Cal, UCLA and Stanford.

Staying Home
R2CRivals.com Xxx__under_armour_football_14316_87674934
4* All American WR Patrick Fordinal has decided to take his talents to Alabama,
not University of Alabama but UAB. #godragons

R2CRivals.com Img_2657-e1510600808744
"Ohana" Is how Bill Wilson felt when he made his official visit to Vandy.
"It felt like home, the coaching staff, players and and training staff felt like a complete family".

Mizzou adds #1 OLB to their stout Defense
R2CRivals.com 3uTLY_Ah_400x400
"I have a lot to prove" #1 OLB mentioned in a interview with R2CRivals.com.
Rick Robinson received offers from Nebraska, Mizzou and Tulsa only and signed with the Tigers week 5.

Following Dad Footsteps
R2CRivals.com Dsc_0158_preview
4* WR J. Anderson signed with Air Force this week. He stated that he bleeds Blue and White.
Anderson dad, Tony Anderson played on Air Force 1988 squad. He also played WR.
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